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Royal Knit Prosthetic Socks Product Information

The product information included below is designed to explain how our prosthetic socks are sized, the advantages in our sizing method and the fiscal benefits in carrying the Royal Knit line.


When sizing our socks, taking the stretch into consideration is paramount. A stretch sock, much like a rubber band, gets thinner when stretched. This may cause a loss of ply. The amount of stretch will determine the amount of ply lost and will vary from patient to patient. Understanding this, Royal Knit offers our prosthetic sock lines in overlapping sizes.

Overlapping Sizes - How Overlapping Sizing Works

Due to our overlapping sizes, we initially recommend the smaller size available when sizing the patient. Knowing that stretch allows for a more conforming fit, it is natural that the smallest fitting size for any given patient will provide a snugger, more comfortable fit.

For example, if your patient normally wears a size #2-12, we suggest our size ½-12 which allows a three inch stretch O.D. If the patient feels there is substantial loss of ply then we suggest trying size 2/3-12. This will allow a one and one-half inch stretch O.D. Since less stretch is required in the larger size the loss of ply will be minimized.

The concept of overlapping fit can be taken one step further. If the sock used in the example above is a five ply product and the patient feels the 2/3-12 provides a better fit after trying the ½-12, but still feels there is a lack of ply in the sock, it is at this point we suggest moving to a sic ply sock. Again providing another opportunity to minimize the loss of ply.

Product Qualities

In addition to the overlapping concept there are many other advantages in carrying the Royal Knit line of sock products:

Suggested Inventory

Stocking Royal Knit prosthetic socks offers unique opportunities in budgetary management.

Due to the natural stretch of our socks we have been able to condense 132 non stretch sizes into 48 overlapping sizes. As an example, facilities can reduce inventory by stocking the following recommended percentages.

Recommended Core Inventory – Socks

60% - ½-12 BK

25% - 2/3-14 BK/AK

15% - ¾-14AK

In addition to these inventory percentages, we suggest stocking our "fitting kit". The fitting kit includes one sock of each size Royal Knit produces. In using basic inventory percentages and our fitting kit, most patients can be sized and fitted immediately. Additional sizes which may be required can be determined in the same instance, saving both the patient and the facility time and expense.

Inventory Reduction

Additional Inventory Reduction Method

Your facility may elect further inventory reduction through the following process.

Due to Royal Knit's anti-unravel stitch, our prosthetic socks may be cut, at the top, without worry of the sock unraveling.

For example, your facility may decide the 10", 12" and 14" lengths are primary inventory items. The result in this case would be that your facility only needs to carry the 10" and 14" lengths in stock since the 14" can be cut, at the top, to fit a 12" wearer.

This option in inventory reduction applies only to our COOLMAX® line and is not recommended in the wool line for aesthetic reasons. In addition, our socks can only be cut at the top, if cut distally the sock will unravel.

Inventory Conversion

If you have difficulty converting Royal Knit's product codes, sizes or other information from different sizing methods, Royal Knit will be happy to convert our product codes for you. Just provide your current inventory. If you elect, Royal Knit will also make recommendations for inventory requirements and potential reductions.

Care Instructions

There are no special laundering instructions. Simply machine wash warm and tumble dry warm. Tumble dry warm will bring the sock back to the original stated measurements.

Royal Knit COOLMAX® socks can now be bleached, in cold water. Adding normal amounts of bleach during machine wash eill not harm the sock.

Royal Knit socks are produced with resistance to shrinking, odors and mildew. If properly cared for the COOLMAX® and wool line of socks will retain their shape, elasticity and wicking action after repeated washing.

COOLMAX® is an INVISTA registered trademark

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