Royal Knit — Prosthetic socks and other products featuring COOLMAX® fabric

L-Code Index

For customer convenience we have included the codes listed below that correlate to most of our products. We feel obligated to remind our facilities that it is their responsibility to determine the applicability of these codes correctly when using them for the purpose of reimbursement.

L-99 – Hemipelvectomy/Hip Disarticulation Sock

L-0984 – Protective Body Sock, Each

L-2840 – Addition to Lower Extremity Orthosis, Tibial Length Sock

L-2850 – Addition to Lower Extremity Orthosis, Femoral Length Sock

L-3995 – Upper Extremity Fracture Orthosis, Sock Fracture or Equal, Each

L-8420 – Prosthetic Sock, Wool, Below Knee, Each

L-8430 – Prosthetic Sock, Wool, Above Knee, Each

L-8435 – Prosthetic Sock, Wool, Upper Limb, Each

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