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Royal Flush - COOLMAX® Stretch Socks

Our best hand for softness, cushioning, comfort and fit. This performance fabric is designed to quickly move moisture away from the skin and the breathability of the fiber keeps you drier and more comfortable. With proper care this sock stays soft and resists shrinking, odors, and mildew.

We recommend that you initially fit your patients in the smaller size group. Example: if you order a #2-12 size we will ship you a size 1/2-12 which will give you a three inch stretch O.D. If you or your patient feel that the sock has been stretched to the point that it has lost a reasonable amount of ply/thickness, then please try our Size 2/3-12,the next overlapping size, which will provide a one inch stretch O.D.

More information on COOLMAX® fabric (off-site)

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