Royal Knit — Prosthetic socks and other products featuring COOLMAX® fabric

Post Op Prosthetic Sock

Designed for immediate post operative surgery, rolled and ready for application. Produced in one hundred percent COOLMAX®, this sock has a seamless round toe, versus the traditional square toe, engineered for a more conforming fit for the post operative patient.

All the benefits of COOLMAX® apply.

Unsterile, must be gas autoclaved.


All Measurements Laying Flat

Product Code Length Top Toe
RF3-00-14 12"-14" 5"-6" 3.5"-4.5"
RF3-00-18 16"-18" 5"-6" 4"-5"
RF3-10-18 16"-18" 6"-7" 5"-6"
RF3-20-18 16"-18" 8"-9" 6"-7"
RF3-30-18 16"-18" 9"-10" 7"-8"

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