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Hemipelvectomy/Hip Disarticulation Sock
The Royal Knit Full Fashioned Hip Sock

"As a hemipelvectomy amputee for 12 years, I have experimented with different fabrics and different styles of prosthetic socks in search of the right fit and comfort level to suit my busy life. Now, thanks to Royal Knit, my quest is over! Although skeptical at first, I have found their new seamless COOLMAX® stretch sock is so comfortable, I forget that I have it on! That to me is the highest compliment I can give."

Lou Keyes President of L.E.A.P.S Lower Extremity Amputees Providing Support

Utilizing a revolutionary knitting technique, we have developed a hip disarticulation sock which makes fitting and ordering as easy as possible.

Now a standard stock item, this product features fully seamless knitting in four sizes which fit ninety-five percent of our patients. This includes right and left amputations, both male and female.

The only measurement required to order this product is waist circumference. If a custodial opening is desired, simply designate right or left amputation. Bi-lateral sock is available on request.

Available exclusively in three ply COOLMAX® the superior qualities of this product, including excellent wicking action, quick drying, overall softness and a more conforming fit, complete the superiority of this product.

Please refer to the sizing chart on the next page to place your order.

COOLMAX® is an INVISTA registered trademark.

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