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Torso Body Sock
"Fashion By Design"

"I wear a TLSO brace for Scoliosis. After trying to wear tee-shirts under the brace, which were bulky, hot and uncomfortable, we discovered the Royal Knit Torso Body Sock. After wearing the body sock for one day, I knew it was much better than tee-shirts. Its cooler, less itchy and its form fitting with no seams, making it much more comfortable. It also helps my brace slide on a little easier. Now, when I take off my brace I am less sweaty and I have no itchy creases in my skin due to bunched-up fabric under my brace."

The full fashion body sock, provided exclusively in COOLMAX®, can be ordered in our standard design with or without shoulder caps, the body sock can also be ordered with options that include V-neck and axilla flaps.

Full-fashioned seamless knitting of the Royal Knit body sock means no unraveling stitches. The excellent wicking action of COOLMAX® quickly moves moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. The breathability of the fiber provides a drier, softer and more comfortable fit. Consequent to the wicking action created by COOLMAX® the possibility of contact dermatitis is greatly reduced.

By virtue of stretch our body sock can be fit in either a relaxed or snug manner, without the worry of wrinkling. Only five overlapping sizes are required for convenient ordering and efficient fitting.

Machine wash and tumble dry warm. The Royal Knit body sock will accept normal bleach applications. Sheet fabric softener recommended.

To order, please refer to the following body sock sizing chart.

COOLMAX® is an INVISTA registered trademark.

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